Why is Physical Therapy Important After a Car Accident?

May 24, 2020

Settling back to a normal life after a car accident is not an easy task – mentally or physically. The list of things that need to be done seem endless. The recovery process is long and excruciating at the time and will require your total mental and physical strength.

Your priority at this time is to take care of your health and physical therapy can support the recovery process immensely. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 6 million vehicle accidents take place in the US out of which 2.5 million are rear-ended collisions.

Rear-end collisions are quite common and can cause a kind of injury known as “whiplash”. When our neck is forced to move beyond its range of motion, if a “whiplash” injury takes place the victim can develop the following symptoms:

  • Limited motion in the neck
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Stiffness and pain in the shoulders, neck, and head
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Memory problems and occasional blurred vision
  • Numbness and tingling in the upper portions of the body

Whiplash injuries can be moderate or severe. In case of a moderate whiplash injury, the symptoms can manifest with time, in which case you should immediately consult your doctor and start physical therapy.

Why is Personal Injury Physical Therapy Important After a Car Accident?

Physical Therapy Supports the Primary Recovery Process:

Car accident patients often fail to realize the severity of their injuries until they return back to their daily lives. Personal injury physical therapy helps in boosting the overall recovery process and improves the patient’s physical strength, flexibility, and pain resistance. However, there is no universal personal injury physical therapy routine that will fit all whiplash patients. Each physical therapy plan is unique depending on the kind and severity of the injury sustained by the patient.

Physical Therapy can Avert Long-Term Damage:

As mentioned earlier, physical therapy does not only help immediate injuries but also improves the patient’s mobility, strength, and flexibility. It can help prevent lasting damages like migraines and chronic body pains. While some car accident injuries show up immediately, others manifest over time. If these lingering injuries are not attended right away, they can take a turn for the worse. If the patient starts personal injury physical therapy right after the accident, he or she can lead a pain-free life in the coming years.

Physical Therapy Helps Treat the Pain:

While physical therapy is the last thing you want to do after getting involved in a car accident, staying physically active will actually help in easing the pain and boost the recovery process. It has been documented by doctors that car accident patients involved in physical therapy recover much faster than the ones on bed rest. At West Star Physical Therapy Network, our team of specialists create personalized and unique personal injury physical therapy programs to address the patient’s body mechanics and pain points. Each and every exercise that is performed at the West Star Physical Therapy Network has a definite goal behind it to improve the functionality and mobility of the patient’s body.

Physical Therapy Helps in Avoiding Surgery:

In the case the car accident injury requires surgery that is non-life threatening in nature and does not require immediate surgery, physical therapy may help avoid it completely in some cases. Some non-life threatening injuries might require surgery later in life due to a combination of natural wear and tear.

In these cases, personal injury physical therapy helps in strengthening the vulnerable tendons, ligaments, and muscles to avoid the complications of surgery down the road. Physical therapy protects the various structures of our body that would otherwise deteriorate with time and normal wear and tear.

Physical Therapy Can Restore Functionality for Old Car Accident Injuries:

Even if you have not been in a car accident recently, it does not mean that you cannot benefit from physical therapy. PT can not only help with recent car accidents but also old ones. At West Star Physical Therapy Network, we create various kinds of cardiovascular rehabilitation techniques and training exercises that can help patients with old car accident injuries. Given that personal injury physical therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment, it would not require additional support from opioids for pain relief.

Physical Therapy can Ensure Better Settlement Rates in Personal Injury Cases:

West Star Physical Therapy Network understands that settling a personal injury case is as important as recovering from the injury. Our team of physical therapists understands this and are quite accommodating to your schedule to ensure that you can attend your physical therapy appointments. Apart from this West Star Physical Therapy Network also takes detailed notes during your visits to help you get the maximum settlement from your personal injury case.

Wrapping Up:

If you have been in a car accident recently or were involved in one before, don’t delay in opting for physical therapy sessions. Call West Star Physical Therapy Network today for a consultation and start on your road to recovery. Our team of doctors and physicians are looking forward to helping you bounce back to your normal life as fast as possible.Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Choose WestStar Physical Therapy? 

Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Choose WestStar Physical Therapy?

June 30, 2020

When it comes to improving motion and mobility after an accident or injury, physical therapy is a must. They are experts in the field and have years of experience helping patients regain their mobility after a traumatizing and debilitating event. Usually, physical therapists are consulted in cases where the physician wishes to avoid surgery and believes that mobility can be restored through non-invasive means. On the other hand, physical therapists may also be called upon after a surgery, for the purpose of rehabilitation.

A patient’s quality of life, as well as their level of independence and self-confidence, can be greatly improved with the help of timely physical therapy. Physical therapy enables accident victims to once again pursue their old hobbies and favorite activities without the constraints imposed by restricted mobility. It also engenders a level of independence that may provide a boost to the self-confidence of the patient. Another significant benefit of physical therapy is that it helps you build a stronger case for your settlement.

Physical therapists on lien may be required to treat patients in cases of workers’compensation or personal injury cases. Physical therapists on lien are often recommended by attorneys to their clients after an accident or injury. At WestStar Physical Therapy we treat the patient without requiring them to pay a medical fee.

Why Choose West Star Physical Therapy Network?

West Star is the most comprehensive physical therapy network in California. One of the major benefits associated with West Star is the fact that it has 40+ locations throughout Southern California where patients can receive world-class physical therapy. This ensures that all patients get the treatment they need in an easy and timely manner.

Patients can expect to quickly get a physical therapist who will discuss their condition with them, provide a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan for restoring their mobility and physical abilities. WestStar has been providing world-class treatment and therapy to injured individuals in California since 1980.

Attorneys often find it difficult to locate and contact a physical therapist for all their personal injury clients. It can be hard to find a great therapist who offers their services in the same location as the client.

By recommending the West Star Physical Therapy Network to their clients, attorneys can make this process much simpler for them and their client. WestStar has clinics in various locations around California, including Long Beach, Montebello, Montclair, Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles.

Hence why WestStar can make it much easier for patients to find a reputed physical therapist on lien, in accordance with their own needs in terms of location and specialty. By choosing WestStar, attorneys can help their clients find a trusted physical therapist within a matter of hours. The quality of the services provided will be guaranteed at any West Star clinic throughout Southern California. Furthermore, with our bilingual staff we make it easy for spanish-speaking patients to get treatment and feel comfortable.

At WestStar, the attorney will get a say in selecting the location they are most comfortable with, while the patient will get the treatment they need as soon as possible, without having to worry about money. At WestStar clinics, we do our best to accommodate each patient’s schedule and avoid “gaps” in treatment.

In Conclusion

WestStar Physical Therapy Network is a trusted partner currently working with multiple attorney’s across Southern California. Communication is key and each attorney is assigned an account representative who updates you on your client’s progress. Furthermore, our physical therapists focus on detailed medical reports to make the settlement case stronger. Have a question or want to work with us?

Contact us today. Why is Physical Therapy Important After a Car Accident? What Can Personal Injury Attorneys Expect While Collaborating with WestStar Physical Therapy Network? 

What Can Personal Injury Attorneys Expect While Collaborating with WestStar Physical Therapy Network?

July 16, 2020

An accident can cause a great setback in the life of the victim as well as everyone connected to him or her. The severity of the physical, financial, and psychological consequences will depend on what kind of accident it was, how quickly medical help could be availed, as well as the quality of medical care.

Moreover, depending on the nature and circumstances of the accident, litigation and court cases might also be involved if the victim chooses to bring a personal injury lawsuit against those liable for the accident. Work-related injuries, car wrecks, and defective products can all cause lasting damage, due to which victims often choose to seek the help of personal injury attorneys in such cases.

The Importance of Physical Therapy After an Accident

After an accident, patients often require extensive physical therapy in order tomake a full recovery and regain their former level and range of mobility. Often, accident victims rely on their personal injury (PI) attorneys to refer them to a reliable physical therapist or chiropractor.

Moreover, a Board Certified Pain Medical Doctor (MD) should also be present to supervise the entire plan of treatment for the accident victim. This is essential, as the presence of a licensed physician may add value to the personal injury claimsthat will be later brought by the victim.

WestStar Physical Therapy Network

Founded by a group of pioneering physical therapists in 1980, the WestStar Physical Therapy Network now has more than 40 clinics and therapy centers in California, where treatment is provided on a lien basis to accident victims.

To be treated on lien basically means that the accident victim will not need to payupfront for the physical therapy that they need. Instead, the physiotherapist, chiropractor, and other care providers will focus on helping the victim get back to his normal life as soon as possible.

WestStar Physical Therapy Network (WSPTN) seeks to combine modern, evidence-based treatment methodologies with the time-honored tradition of patient-focused medical care. Providing the residents of California with convenient and high-quality care is one of the primary goals of the entire WSPTN team.

The various types of physical therapy offered at WSPTN include acupuncture, aquatic therapy, occupational therapy, and land therapy. For the convenience of patients and their caregivers, most of the physical therapy centers operated by WSPTN are located near major freeways. The organization also provides assistance with scheduling appointments for clients with orthopedic or pain management physicians.

WSPTN provides treatment for construction accidents, vehicular accidents, negligence, slips and falls, as well as workplace accidents. Neat, organized, and chronological documentation is maintained to help the victim and their attorney substantiate the treatment received during the process of litigation.

What PI Attorneys Can Expect When Working with WSPTN

When personal injury attorneys partner with WestStar Physical Therapy Network, they can expect to get immediate access to resources for coordinating and streamlining expert therapeutic care for their clients.

Not only does WSPTN provide high-quality physical therapy to patients at more than 40 clinics around the state of California, but it also provides PI attorneys with clean, organized medical documentation and the case status of their client on a monthly basis.

In addition, WestStar will provide one representative for any assistance as well as narrative reports to PI attorneys. Over the years, many PI attorneys have found that a partnership with WSPTN can help them increase case value and win percentages, while also facilitating a quicker recovery for their injured clients.

To begin with, WSPTN helps PI attorneys maximize case value by offering them anumber of effective injury assessment services. This helps minimize the risk of wrongful denials of claims on the part of those liable for the injury.

These initial injury assessments are backed by physician’s notes, monthly case statuses, clean and chronological documentation of the treatment process, impairment ratings, narrative reports, depositions, and much more.

This comprehensive process undertaken by WSPTN ensures that patients andaccident victims stand a much better chance of receiving insurance payouts and winning any personal injury cases that go to court.

WSPTN has years of experience treating personal injury clients on a lien basis. Hence, they can add tremendous value to a PI case, for the attorney as well as for the patient. They appear in court as expert witnesses during cases where court-room testimony might be required.

The proactive and transparent communication that WSPTN is known for also helps PI attorneys get a clear picture of how things might proceed if a personal injury case goes to court. This, in turn, helps speed up the decision-making process and minimizes the risk of unnecessary or fruitless litigation in the PI domain.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above is a general overview of the many benefits that the WestStar Physical Therapy Network can provide PI attorneys who choose to partner with them. Personal injury victims in California have, over the decades, received world-class treatment on lien from the many WSPTN clinics across the state. For more information about the potential benefits of a partnership, PI attorneys can check out the WSPTN website online. Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Choose WestStar Physical Therapy?Physical Therapy for Whiplash Injuries: What Personal Injury Attorneys Need to Know 

Physical Therapy for Whiplash Injuries: What Personal Injury Attorneys Need to Know

August 25, 2020

Whiplash Injury

As a personal injury attorney, it is your job to recommend a trusted physical therapy network to your clients, who have suffered an injury as a result of the negligence of a person, organization, company, or government agency. In such situations, you should be prepared with a list of the most reliable physical therapists in the area, to help your client recover while also maximizing the odds of getting them the compensation they deserve. Did you know the most common auto accident injury is a whiplash?

What is Whiplash Injury?

In the year 1919, the first case of whiplash injury from an automobile accident was documented. Whiplash received its name from the way in which the neck of the victims ‘whipped back’ when an automobile was struck in the rear by another vehicle. Essentially, whiplash injuries affect the neck and almost always occur as a result of an auto accident. The whipping motion of the neck when a car is struck from the rear is what typically causes this type of injury.

According to medical professionals, a whiplash injury usually results in the distortion of the cervical spine, thus resulting in torn or distended ligaments and tendons. Victims involved in rear-end car wrecks can often suffer elevated injuries to their neck and spine as a result of improper adjustment of the headrest. If the head slams into the headrest during an accident, it could lead to torn tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

Skiing, snowboarding, and sports injuries can also result in whiplash, though these causes are less common than car wrecks. Pain and stiffness in the neck are some of the most common symptoms of a whiplash injury. It may take a few days, however, for these symptoms to manifest after the accident has occurred. Severe discomfort in the upper back region and an intermittent, shooting pain in the neck are some common signifies of whiplash injury.

Recommending a Physical Therapy Network

Personal injury attorneys often represent victims of car accidents in lawsuits, especially when there is reason to believe that the accident was the result of negligence on the part of an individual or company. However, before a case can be settled, the victim often needs to receive physical therapy – along with other types of medical care – to manage their injuries and speed up the process of recovery. In such situations, as their lawyer, you might have to help them choose the right physical therapy for their medical and legal needs.

If your client happens to have suffered from a whiplash injury during a car wreck, it might be difficult for them to get the compensation they deserve because a whiplash injury is not immediately visible. Therefore, you need to help them choose the right medical care providers – including physical therapists – who will help them recover quickly while at the same time allowing them to prove their claims in a court of law. Listed below are some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing a physical therapist for whiplash injury.

● Proximity: When recommending a physical therapist to a client, you must ensure that the therapist’s office or clinic is located in close proximity to the patient’s residence, so that it is not a major inconvenience for them to travel to get the treatment they need.

● Reliability: The therapist you recommend must be reliable, reputed, and have numerous years of experience in the field of physical therapy for accident victims.

● Quality: The treatment provided should be of the highest possible quality, ensuring that the patient will regain their mobility and make as quick a recovery as possible.

● Services: The physical therapist you recommend should provide a range of therapeutic services such as acupuncture, aquatic therapy, occupational therapy, and certified hand therapy.

In Conclusion

For the reasons mentioned above, personal injury attorneys practicing in California should consider recommending the WestStar Physical Therapy Network for clients who have suffered whiplash injuries or other types of physical damage in a car crash. This network has clinics across southern California and provides world-class care to patients on lien basis. What Can Personal Injury Attorneys Expect While Collaborating with WestStar Physical Therapy Network? Physical Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by Car Accidents 

Physical Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

September 22, 2020

Personal injury attorneys often have to recommend reliable and trusted physical therapy networks to their clients. Individuals who seek representation in personal injury cases generally do so because they have suffered grievous injuries as a result of an accident or mishap, usually caused by the negligence of another person or organization.

Some of the common issues for which personal injury clients usually need physical therapy include whiplash and soft tissue injuries caused by car accidents. Physical therapy may also be required for injuries sustained at the workplace or at construction sites, factories, etc.

Hence, personal injury attorneys often have clients who need to avail physical therapy on lien, in order to regain mobility and minimize the pain caused by their injuries. Therefore, they may have to be prepared with a list of trusted physical therapists in the city where they practice, who are known for providing high-quality care to patients on a lien basis.

Physical Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries

As mentioned above, soft tissue injuries are extremely common among persons who have survived a motor accident. In essence, any injury to the ligaments, muscles, or tendons can be termed a soft tissue injury. Most doctors and healthcare professionals recommend physical therapy to those who are suffering from soft tissue injuries. Some of the common types of soft tissue injuries that are caused by car accidents include sprains, bursitis, contusions, and tendonitis. We will discuss these in greater detail below.


The fluid-filled sacs that act as cushions between the tendons, joints, and muscles are known as bursa. When this fluid sac is swollen or irritated, it causes bursitis. Bursitis usually affects the knee, elbow, shoulder, or hip of the injured individual.


Sprains occur when the ligaments of the human body are twisted or wrenched out of shape. Typically, sprains involve the ankles, knees, or wrists. If the ligament is torn, then this type of injury might require surgery. Usually, however, some quality physical therapy is just what is needed.


A bruise or contusion is often the result of direct impact with a blunt or hard object. During a car accident, you might acquire contusions when your body slams against the steering wheel or dashboard of your vehicle. A contusion that doesn’t heal might indicate severe injury to the muscle fiber beneath the skin.


This soft tissue injury occurs when the tendons are irritated or inflamed. The sudden and direct force applied to the tendons during an auto accident might lead to tendonitis. Treatment of tendonitis might include extensive rest, prescription painkillers, and physiotherapy.

The Required Medical Care

Most of the common soft tissue injuries – such as those mentioned above – can be treated with adequate rest, ice compression, and physical therapy. Surgery is only recommended by physicians when the damage sustained is extreme. Good personal injury physiotherapists know when they need to document injuries in order to present the required evidence during legal proceedings.

Proper documentation of the soft tissue injuries sustained during a car accident (and the treatment provided for them) might determine the outcome of a personal injury case. This is because, unlike broken bones and lacerations, soft tissue injuries can be relatively harder to prove, as the damage is almost entirely internal and does not leave many external markers. Hence, proper documentation is essential when it comes to soft tissue injuries sustained during motor accidents.

Choosing the Right Physical Therapy Network

Personal injury attorneys must spend some time thinking about the available options when it is time to recommend a physical therapy network to clients who have suffered soft tissue injuries during motor accidents. The physical therapy network that is chosen could affect the client’s health as well as the outcome of the personal injury case. Hence, it could have an impact on the injured individual’s physical as well as financial wellbeing.

The best physical therapy networks have various clinics for the client to choose from, so that they can get the treatment they need at a convenient location, without having to travel extensively for it. They also offer a variety of treatment options including aquatic therapy, land therapy, occupational therapy, certified hand therapy, and acupuncture. After all, the treatment being offered must match the needs of each individual patient.

Most importantly, the physical therapy network that is chosen must be capable of providing treatment to patients on a lien basis, allowing them to defer the payment until the personal injury case is decided. This will allow patients to get the treatment they need without having to undergo any financial distress. The physical therapists associated with the network must also be trained to keep adequate records and maintain all necessary documentation.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right physical therapy network for soft tissue injuries caused by motor accidents is no easy task. However, if they get it right, personal injury attorneys can ensure the wellbeing of their clients while also improving their own chances of success at court.

 Car AccidentsPhysical Therapy for Soft Tissue InjuriesSoft Tissue Injuries Physical Therapy for Whiplash Injuries: What Personal Injury Attorneys Need to Know The Role of Physical Therapy in Pre and Post Major Surgery Care 

The Role of Physical Therapy in Pre and Post Major Surgery Care

October 13, 2020

Personal injury attorneys often get clients who need to undergo one or more surgeries as a result of the injuries they have sustained. While surgeries can be an essential part of the process of treatment, recovering from a surgery can be both physically and emotionally difficult for the patient. Moreover, some patients might suffer from pervasive pain after a surgery, while others might find it hard to move around as much as they used to.

In such situations, personal injury attorneys might help their clients by recommending reliable physical therapy networks, where they can get pre- and post-op physical therapy on lien. High-quality physical therapy can help accident victims recover from their injuries, manage pain, and regain their mobility after a major surgery. And it would be the duty of a personal injury attorney to provide them with the information needed to get the required care.

Another reason why the intervention of a personal injury attorney might be beneficial in this case, is that they would be able to recommend the best physical therapy networks that provide treatment on lien. To be treated on a lien basis simply means that the physical therapist will not ask for upfront payment at the time of treatment. Instead, the physical therapist will provide the required care and wait to be paid once the personal injury case has been settled. This allows vulnerable patients to seek the medical help they need even if they don’t have access to cash or any type of insurance coverage.

The Role of a Physical Therapist in Pre and Post-op Care

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who are trained to help patients regain their strength, mobility, and independence after a debilitating injury, accident, or surgery. In order to accomplish this goal, physical therapists often help patients undertake special exercises, learn stretches and techniques, and utilize specialized equipment to perform day-to-day tasks.

They have the required training to recognize areas of weakness in the human body and to correct them without excessive pain. Because of this, they understand the impact of surgery on the human body and can craft a program to accelerate recovery. While some physical therapists focus their efforts on a single part or region of the body, others provide a wide variety of services.

There are multiple, well-documented benefits associated with receiving high-quality physical therapy before and after a major surgery. Pre-op therapy can help prepare patients physically and mentally for surgical procedures. By doing so, such physical therapy can reduce the risk of post-operative infections and consequently improve surgical outcomes.

After the surgery is complete, regular physical therapy can help the patient quickly regain his or her strength and mobility. As a result, it could reduce the length of hospital stays and help make the injured individual more independent and self-reliant. These are just a few of the positive impacts of physical therapy in personal injury cases where surgery is required. Hence, personal injury attorneys should learn about the most reliable and trustworthy physical therapy networks operating in their city or neighborhood.

The Outcome of Regular Stretching and Exercise

The act of stretching facilitates mobility and increases joint flexibility, allowing patients to recover their full range of motion quickly after a surgery. Major operative procedures often cause soft tissue to contract, resulting in the formation of scar tissue that makes it harder to move.

Regular stretching, if performed under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist, can prevent these scar tissues from retarding the pace of rehabilitation. Hence, stretching makes it easier to perform simple tasks like climbing stairs and reaching overhead for patients recovering from surgery.

The exercises recommended by physical therapists, on the other hand, help build strength and improve muscle mass. Patients who have suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries can benefit greatly from regular exercising.

Most physical therapists also recommend exercises designed to rebuild stability and strength in the midsection or core of the body. Because the core is, in many ways, the center and foundation of the body, a weak core could lead to further injuries and ailments in the future. This is why core strengthening exercises are an integral element of most modern pre- and post-op physical therapy routines.

Some other types of physical therapy offered by reputed networks and practitioners include aquatic therapy, land therapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, and certified hand therapy. The best physical therapy networks catering to personal injury litigants offer treatment for a wide variety of conditions and injuries, including auto injuries, work related injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, neck and back disorders, and functional restoration. Pre- and post-op physical therapy is also one of the services that these networks typically offer.

In Conclusion

For those who have suffered a major injury in recent years and are recovering from one or more surgeries, physical therapy can be an important part of the healing process. Therefore, personal injury attorneys should not hesitate to inform their clients of the many benefits of physical therapy, as and when appropriate. They should also do some research to learn about the most trusted providers of such therapy in their area.

 physical therapyPhysical Therapy in Pre and Post Major Surgery Physical Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by Car Accidents The Importance of Attending Your Physical Therapy Session during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The Importance of Attending Your Physical Therapy Session during the COVID-19 Pandemic

October 23, 2020

Certain diseases, injuries, and disorders can limit the mobility of an individual and make it difficult for him or her to perform normal, everyday tasks. Essentially, physical therapy is used for the diagnosis and management of such injuries and disorders. It helps restore and promote optimal mobility, fitness, and wellness through non-invasive treatment methods.

Physical therapists provide rehabilitation, risk reduction, and prevention services of many different kinds. When needed, they also collaborate with other medical professionals to address specific patient needs, improve treatment outcomes, and promote communication. Physical therapists can work independently as well as in collaboration with established hospitals and clinics.

WSTPN During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Amidst the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical therapy clinics and centers have closed their doors to the public. One of the only exceptions to this trend is the reputed and trusted WestStar Physical Therapy Network of California. WestStar combines modern, proven methods with the time-honored tradition of patient-focused care. This philosophy drives the physical therapy network to take every possible precaution for the safety of patients and staff members amidst the pandemic. Established in 1980, WestStar has decades of experience providing accident victims with various types of therapy for greater mobility and comfort. This network works with many different physical therapists who have been providing world-class care under all kinds of circumstances to the residents of the California basin. Patients can access the physical therapy services provided by WestStar at various locations throughout Southern California. The network provides treatment on lien to patients who are currently involved in personal injury lawsuits with their settlements still pending.

Importance of Physical Therapy for Those Recovering from Injuries

Attending regular physical therapy sessions can be beneficial for a number of medical and legal reasons. First, for numerous types of injuries sustained in an accident, physical therapy can be quite beneficial. It can help minimize pain and maximize mobility. It is also often prescribed by doctors after a major surgical procedure has been completed. Post-surgical physical therapy can help patients recover quickly from the aftereffects of the surgery.

Physical therapists aim to strengthen and fortify the musculature in the parts of the body affected by the injury. This can be done through a series of physical exercises, massages, and other techniques. Injuries sustained in the shoulders, knees, arms, hips, ankles, and other extremities can benefit greatly from a few effective sessions of physical therapy. This type of therapy helps enhance the natural healing processes of the body and quickly restore the strength as well as mobility in the affected areas.

Depending on the type of injury sustained, regular physical therapy sessions can often minimize the need for surgery. In fact, many people opt for multiple rounds and varieties of physical therapy after an accident, in order to avoid surgical intervention. In many cases, high-quality physical therapy sessions have helped accident victims regain their mobility and strength, in situations that would normally have required one or more rounds of surgery.

Even in situations when surgical intervention is deemed absolutely unavoidable, pre- and post-surgical physical therapy sessions can help patients through the arduous process of rehabilitation and recovery. Regularly attending these therapy sessions can improve one’s quality of life and also reduce the cost of treatment, as the physical therapist will be sure to include any expenses incurred during the sessions in the personal injury settlement.

Neurological injuries, spinal cord injuries, and joint, ligament, or bone injuries are the three main types that require sustained physical therapy. Attending physical therapy sessions regularly will allow you to keep a careful record of all the appointments, including essential documentation such as bills and invoices. These documents might prove very useful during the lawsuit, helping ensure that you are fully reimbursed for all medical expenses incurred so far.

Concluding Note

The benefits of availing high-quality physical therapy after an accident or surgery are innumerable. For those who are currently involved in personal injury cases or lawsuits, the WestStar Physical Therapy Network can provide the required treatment with minimal hassles or roadblocks. This is one of the major reasons why WSTPN is favored by personal injury attorneys (and their clients) around California.

 PandemicPhysical Therapy in Pandemic The Role of Physical Therapy in Pre and Post Major Surgery Care How Can Physical Therapy Help Your Clients Overcome Work-Related Injuries? 

How Can Physical Therapy Help Your Clients Overcome Work-Related Injuries?

November 30, 2020

Workplace injuries are more common than they sound and affect both the young and not so young. Work-related injuries can lead to serious physical complications if proper treatment is not meted out on an urgent basis.

It is natural for your client to wish to recover quickly and get back to work. However, that would be impossible without proper treatment.Pushing one’s body to work will not only weaken them physically and mentally but can cause serious long term health issues.

In most cases, if a worker is injured while being on the job, he/she will receive compensation from the employer for necessary treatments and also live comfortably before getting back on their feet. Apart from taking proper medications, physical therapy also plays an important role in ensuring that the injury heals properly and completely.

How to Deal with Work Injuries Legally and Medically?

In the case of workplace injury, as a lawyer, you can represent your client’s best interest in legal matters. Providing experienced legal guidance and support might be your forte, however, the medical aspect is best handled by physical therapists.

Compensation for workers is considered to be a no-fault system and covers varied workplace injuries. Once the compensation is sorted out, your client may or may not need the help of physical therapists. If they do you can point them in the right direction and recommend physical therapy clinics like West Star Physical Therapy Network that provide several services.

Physical Workplace Injuries

Physical injuries are the most common that take place within business premises. These can be categorized in the following sections:

  • Injuries taking place while doing your own work like falling off the ladder, or hurting your back while lifting something heavy.
  • Injuries from other people’s actions like getting hit by an object on a construction site ● General workplace injuries like twisting the ankle or tripping.
  • General workplace injuries like twisting the ankle or tripping.

Workplace injuries commonly affect the following body parts:

  • Ankles, hands, feet
  • Muscles, bones, and tendons
  • Head, neck, and face
  • Shoulders and back

Stress-Related Injuries

Also known as Repetitive Stress Injury or RSI, this also comes under worker’s compensation. RSI can take place when a worker performs the same task every day for a long period. For example, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common RSI. If a job requires you to move a certain way, bend over, or lift heavy objects every day, one can develop RSI.

Occupational Health Hazard

Occupational illnesses are health conditions that one can catch while being on the job. For example, if your client is a healthcare worker, you might contract a disease or a virus from the patient like COVID-19. The same goes with construction sites, where people are exposed to dust and fumes that can lead to asthma, asbestosis, silicosis, and many more such health conditions.

How can West Star Physical Therapy Network Help?

West Star Physical Therapy Network treats each of its visitors as persons rather than projects. We not only provide physical therapy treatment but also lend emotional support to the patient. Our services include several restorative treatments that help patients recover and get back to their work and lifestyle. Here are some of the therapies that we offer to our clients.

  • Acupuncture
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Land Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Certified Hand Therapy

Apart from these we also provide treatment for the following health conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal Injury
  • Work-Related Injury
  • Auto or Personal Injury
  • Back and Neck Disorders
  • Pain Management
  • Pre and Post Surgery Physical Therapy
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Stroke Rehabilitation

Arthritis and more Work-related injuries can happen at any place or time. Let us help you and your clients be at their fittest. The Importance of Attending Your Physical Therapy Session during the COVID-19 Pandemic Personal Injury Physical Therapy – Car Accident Physical Therapy Professionals 

Personal Injury Physical Therapy – Car Accident Physical Therapy Professionals

January 20, 2021

Automotive accidents are more common than any of us would like to imagine. Every year, between 20 and 50 million people suffer injuries of various kinds as a result of traffic accidents. More than a million people die annually from similar accidents, meaning that the risk of such an accident haunts nearly all of us daily.

People who suffer traffic accidents have to undergo severe physical, emotional, as well as financial hardships after the event. Recovering from the resultant injuries can be a stressful, uncertain, and emotionally draining experience. During this time, many doctors and surgeons recommend that patients partake in personal injury physical therapy, to achieve faster improvements in a more painless manner.

Personal injury physical therapy is immeasurably useful because it can help patients regain their mobility and go back to their normal lives sooner than would otherwise be possible. This type of therapy also helps with pain management, which can be a major concern after a car accident.

Choosing the Right Provider of Physical Therapy

To get the most out of a physical therapy session, however, you need to choose the right therapist. This can often be difficult for patients who have just undergone a traumatic accident or injury. It might be difficult for them to make important decisions while recovering from their injuries under the influence of prescription opioids and other types of painkillers.

Therefore, personal injury attorneys often help their clients find the right physical therapists who would help them get back on their feet – both literally and figuratively – after a traumatic automotive accident. By providing such help, personal injury attorneys can both ensure the wellbeing of their clients as well as maintain the proper records and documentation that would help them secure a victory in court.

Choosing the right physical therapy network would also help prevent a financial setback for the client, at a time when they’re already under a lot of physical and mental stress. As their representative, the personal injury attorney must minimize the amount of financial damage that the victim would have to sustain, as a result of their accident.

Moreover, the patient needs to have access to a reliable physical therapist who provides the kind of treatment that the patient requires at the time of recovery. Therefore, it is best to choose a trusted physical therapy network that is renowned for offering a wide variety of treatment options, including aquatic therapy, land therapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy, and certified hand therapy.

Why Personal Injury Attorneys Prefer WSTPN?

The West Star Physical Therapy Network (WSTPN) is the largest and most trusted institution providing physical therapy to accident victims in the state of California. It was established in 1980 by a group of physical therapists who were passionate about combining modern, proven therapeutic techniques with the time-honored tradition of patient-focused care.

In addition to the restorative treatments designed to improve mobility and self-sufficiency in patients, the trained therapists at WSTPN also work to provide patients with the emotional support they need during the stressful process of recovery. Patients receive constant encouragement and positive reinforcement from the therapists as well as the staff members, which helps boost their confidence while preventing any feelings of depression or helplessness.

The many different types of therapies offered by the physical therapy professionals at WSTPN are all designed to enable patients to return to their active lifestyle, go back to work, and partake in all the hobbies they enjoyed before the accident. These factors have helped WSTPN build a reputation for successful and innovative approaches to therapy as well as attentive and hands-on patient care.

Personal injury attorneys also favor WSTPN because the network provides treatment to accident victims on a lien. This means that the patient need not make an upfront payment for the personal injury physical therapy they receive. Instead, all outstanding bills will be cleared once the personal injury case has been settled in court.

Hence, the physical therapist will provide the patient with the care they need, as and when it is needed, and then receive payment for their services once the personal injury case is over. This system ensures that accident victims can get the medical attention they need, even if they don’t have insurance coverage or access to ready money, while their attorneys represent them in court.

The physical therapists associated with WSTPN also understand the need to document injuries and maintain proper records, which can be presented as evidence during legal proceedings. Proper documentation of the exact injuries sustained during an automotive accident – as well as the treatment provided for the injuries – can help personal injury attorneys win a case on behalf of their client.

It is for these reasons that personal injury attorneys around California prefer to work with the West Star Physical Therapy Network when their clients need physical therapy for injuries sustained during traffic accidents.

 Car AccidentsPersonal Injury Physical Therapy How Can Physical Therapy Help Your Clients Overcome Work-Related Injuries? How Can Physical Therapy Help You to Manage Pain?

How Can Physical Therapy Help You to Manage Pain?

February 19, 2021

Living with chronic pain can be a nightmare of unproductive days and restless nights. It can be hard to focus on anything for long when you are constantly in pain. Whether the chronic pain you are suffering from is the result of an injury or a disease, it can have a significant negative impact on your life. It can affect your ability to do day-to-day tasks, enjoy quality time with your loved ones, and perform well at work.

One of the best things you can do when you’re living with chronic pain, therefore, is to seek the help of a trusted and experienced physical therapist. Physical therapy is an important branch of medicine that seeks to treat injuries and diseases with exercise, massage, acupuncture, and other physical methods, instead of relying exclusively on drugs and surgery.

The use of physical therapy for pain management is both commonplace and quite widespread. Doctors often recommend physical therapy to accident victims who are suffering from acute or chronic pain. This is because physical therapy can play an important role in helping you regain mobility and reduce pain after a debilitating accident or injury.

If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, then your injury attorney may also be able to recommend a reliable physical therapist who will treat your injuries on a lien while the court case is underway. The California-based West Star Physical therapy Network (WSPTN), for instance, is very popular among personal injury attorneys for providing their clients with high-quality physical therapy on a lien. Many physical therapists across the country provide this kind of much-needed medical care to accident victims of all kinds.

Physical Therapy after an Accident

In the weeks and months after an accident, you might get so involved in various legal and financial issues that you forget to take proper care of your body, especially after you’ve finally been released from the hospital. This is why personal injury attorneys often recommend trusted physical therapists, who can help you regain mobility and manage pain, without putting a huge burden on your finances.

The best and most reliable physical therapy networks provide world-class medical care to accident victims while deferring their payment until the personal injury case has been settled in court. One such organization is the West Star Physical therapy Network, which provides various services including land and aquatic therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, and certified hand therapy.

Their restorative treatments and pain management therapy have helped thousands of people regain their independence and mobility after an accident. The most important factor, however, is that the patient does not have to pay for the physical therapy upfront. Instead, they can make the payment after the personal injury lawsuit is over and they have received the financial compensation they are owed. In this way, they can receive timely medical care without adding a further financial strain on themselves or their loved ones.

Pain Management through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is used not only to treat pain but also to find its fundamental source. After all, how can you successfully manage pain if you don’t understand what is causing it? Therefore, physical therapists are trained to search for and identify areas of muscular weakness or stiffness. These areas often put a strain on the injury, thus increasing the pain and discomfort you experience.

There are many types of exercises that physical therapists use to treat these areas of stiffness. These exercises not only help reduce pain, but they may also allow you to regain some or all of the mobility and independence that you lost after the accident. A physical therapy session geared towards pain management is usually a mix of strengthening exercises, low-impact aerobic training, stretching, and pain relief exercises.

Strengthening exercises often involve resistance bands, foam rollers, exercise balls, and other tools that can help build up your muscle strength. You may also have to work on strengthening your core muscles, including your back and belly. Low-impact aerobic training is used to improve your heart-rate without putting too much strain on your joints. Some gentle stretching, after the proper amount of warm-up, will help improve your mobility. And lastly, the pain relief exercises will specifically target the areas that cause you pain, to make them stronger and more flexible.

Some variants of physical therapy also involve electrical nerve stimulation and ultrasound procedures. Massage and acupuncture are also some common methods used by physical therapists to facilitate the pain management process. While massaging a sore or injured part of the body may not always feel good at the moment, an experienced physical therapist will make sure that the process is safe and helpful for you in the long term.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of how physical therapy can help you manage pain and regain mobility after an accident or injury. For the best results, however, you should consult your doctor and your injury attorney, asking them to recommend a physical therapy network that you can trust. Because they regularly deal with people undergoing such situations, they will be able to guide you in choosing the right physical therapy network. Personal Injury Physical Therapy – Car Accident Physical Therapy Professionals 5 Healthy Habits You Can Start Anytime in 2021