February 25, 2021

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something we all want to do. However, some of us are more successful at it than others. Moreover, there are times when we are better at reaching our health goals, while at other times we might let those goals slide.

Much of this has to do with our own life situation at any given moment. It is easy to stay on top of our fitness goals when we’re doing well at work and our relationships are healthy and fulfilling. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult to exercise regularly and eat healthy when we’re stressed out at work and arguing regularly with our spouse at home.

A Vicious Circle of Unproductivity and Ill-Health

The point, however, is that this kind of neglect can quickly turn into a vicious circle. The more stressed you are, the more you let your health goals slip. And the less healthy your lifestyle is, the more your stress increases.

This is because, in many ways, your level of productivity is a function of your health. It is extremely difficult to be productive when you’re feeling unwell. If you’re feeling bloated and uncomfortable after a heavy meal full of excess calories,you’re not going to be able to produce high-quality work in that state of guilt-ridden lethargy.

Similarly, a consistent lack of exercise will cause a plethora of aches and pains to plague you every time you sit down at your desk to get some work done. This lack of productivity will, in turn, increase your stress levels. As a result, your mood will worsen and your relationships will suffer, leading to greater stress and more unhealthy habits.

Healthy Habits to Start Implementing in 2021

As you can see, maintaining a set of healthy habits is extremely important for your overall happiness and well being. Your health is the foundational rock upon which all other aspects of your life – including your career and your relationships– are built. So we’ve listed here some of the essential healthy habits that you should start implementing as soon as possible.

  • Get Sufficient Sleep

At one point or another, we’ve all felt like there are not enough hours in the day.When you’re busy at work, it can be tempting to stay up late into the night to get that one project completed and off your to-do list. However, not getting sufficient sleep at night will make you lethargic and irritable during the day, adversely affecting your ability to make the best use of the time that you do have. Therefore,you should make it a priority to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night.

  • Try Physical Therapy

As you age, you might start having some trouble with your mobility and physical flexibility. Such loss of mobility may also occur due to an injury or disease.Regularly attending ​physical therapy​ sessions​ – conducted by a therapist your trust – can help you regain your mobility and independence within months.

However, for the best results, you have to be consistent with your ​physical therapy​ sessions and regularly do the workouts suggested by your physical therapist. You may also need to use some tools such as resistance bands, gym balls, and balance boards.

  • Don’t Fuel Your Addictions

When you’re going through a period of stress, depression, and anxiety, using alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive substances for some quick relief can seem like an easy way out. However, you may have to pay a very heavy price for these temporary coping tactics, years down the line. Substance abuse of this type can ruin your physical as well as mental health, causing diseases of the lungs, liver,and heart.

  • Eat Balanced Meals

With the proliferation of food delivery apps, it is now easier than ever before to have tasty – if unhealthy – junk food for every meal. However, most restaurants and fast-food chains do not use the healthiest of ingredients in their recipes, so having such food on a regular basis can quickly wreck your health. So, this year you must opt regularly for home-cooked meals incorporating a lot of vegetables and lean meats. You should also try to limit your consumption of processed foods and increase the proportion of plant-based dishes in every meal.

  • Take a Break

Give yourself permission to log off from work – both physically and mentally – at the end of the day. Physically putting away your phone and laptop will benefit both your physical and your mental health. You’ll have more time and attention to devote to your loved ones. Moreover, the less time you spend sitting on a couch and staring at a screen, the more opportunities you’ll have to do some physical labor and burn some of those calories off.

In Conclusion

These are the five healthy habits that, if properly implemented, can help you achieve your fitness goals in 2021. But even if you don’t manage to nail each of these perfectly, just incorporating a few of them into your day-to-day life can have a huge impact on your overall well being.And don’t forget to let us know, down below in the comments, which healthy habits have helped you stay in shape during the pandemic.

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